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Cartwright Dental offers quality dental care to restore teeth that have been damaged, decayed, or need additional support, including fillings and crowns in Lebanon. Our goal is to provide personalized attention for each patient and long lasting results, rather than just temporarily fixing a problem.

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Effective Treatment for Tooth Decay

Fillings are used to treat cavities and prevent further damage to the tooth. Left untreated, cavities grow larger, the decay spreads, and infection may reach the pulp and nerve of the tooth, which may result in the need for more extensive treatment. We recommend filling cavities as soon as possible to minimize damage to the natural tooth structure.

There are a few different types of fillings, including metal and tooth colored materials. Composite fillings are made to match the natural color of the tooth, which makes them less noticeable. The right type of filling material depends on several factors, including the size of the cavity, location where the filling is needed, and aesthetic concerns. If a filling is needed, we can discuss your options and recommend the most effective treatment for you.

Dental Crowns

We offer fillings and crowns in Lebanon to provide the right treatment for every situation. While fillings are effective for cavities, this is not the best option for every patient. If a tooth is too damaged or weak for a filling, a dental crown may be needed to save the tooth and provide the support that is needed. There are certain situations that may require a crown, rather than a filling.

A crown may be recommended for:

  • Significant decay
  • Broken teeth
  • Discoloration
  • Cavities that are too large for fillings
  • Support for a tooth with a large cavity or root canal

A crown fits over the entire structure of the tooth that is visible above the gums. Crowns can be made of a variety of materials, including stainless steel, ceramic, or porcelain. In most cases, we are able to provide a crown that matches the natural color of the teeth, so the crown will blend in with the rest of the teeth for a beautiful and natural looking smile.

The Crown Treatment Process

The process generally requires two visits to our office. During the first visit, your tooth will be prepared for the crown, and impressions will be taken to make your custom crown. You may be given a temporary crown until your permanent restoration is ready. On the second visit, the crown will be carefully fitted, adjusted, and cemented in place.

Generally, fillings and crowns in Lebanon are covered by dental insurance. Your insurance may cover some of the cost and you may be responsible for a portion. If you do not have insurance, we offer options including our in-office savings plan, monthly payment plan, and financing through Care Credit. Get in touch with us for a free consultation to have your teeth evaluated and learn more about the best treatment option for you.

To learn more about our Lebanon fillings and dental crowns, call (765) 334-4423 to schedule an appointment.

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Patient Reviews

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  • “I really appreciate the care I get from your office. All of you are more interested in my comfort, anxiety level, and care first.”

    - Brenda W.
  • “The diagnosis treatment was handled in a clear easy to understand manner. Everyone conducted themselves in a safe, friendly but professional manner. I felt welcomed and appreciated.”

    - John W.
  • “The visit was very pleasant. The whole staff is great and welcoming. Dr. Cartwright is very knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease.”

    - Patient
  • “Dr. Cartwright was very personable and very professional. Sound advice and very glad I followed his recommendation. The procedure was done quickly and without undue pain.”

    - Patient
  • “So thankful for Dr. Cartwright and his willingness to see me during this COVID outbreak. He explained everything thoroughly, gave me options, and let me decide what I wanted.”

    - Lora O.

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